Sara Fattori Interior Design & Fine Art [A Visual History 1988-2010]

Sara Denison Gallery Via Mizner Palm Beach

Sara Fattori is a renowned expert in the residential and yacht interior design industry, with a wealth of experience spanning various sectors. Her journey began with an apprenticeship at Broward Marine, working alongside the esteemed DENISON family, in the field of new yacht builds. This early exposure to luxury design set the stage for Sara's future success.

From Yachts to Hotels: A Diverse Portfolio

After honing her skills in yacht design, Sara expanded her expertise to include hotel interiors. Her innovative and captivating designs have graced numerous prestigious establishments around the world. From boutique hotels to grand resorts, Sara's unique touch can be seen in every detail.

Creating Serene Healthcare Environments

Recognizing the importance of creating calming and healing spaces in healthcare facilities, Sara ventured into the realm of healthcare interior design. Her thoughtful approach and attention to detail have transformed hospitals and clinics into serene environments that promote well-being and comfort for patients and staff alike.

Elevating Corporate Spaces

Corporate design is another area where Sara has made a significant impact. By combining functionality with aesthetics, she has transformed office spaces into inspiring and productive environments. Her designs foster collaboration, creativity, and a sense of pride among employees.

Bringing Luxury to Residential Design

Sara's expertise extends to residential design, where she has created luxurious and personalized spaces for discerning clients. Her keen eye for detail and ability to understand her clients' vision have made her a sought-after designer in the high-end residential market.

A Passion for Art and Design

Before embarking on her interior design career, Sara studied furniture design in Grand Rapids, and received a Bachelor in Design from the College of Architecture at the University of Florida. She then pursued an art apprenticeship at Atlanta's first respected fine art gallery, further fueling her passion for art and design. Sara later opened her own fine art gallery [Sara Denison Gallery] in Via Mizner, on Palm Beach, where she curated exquisite art selections and mastered the art of placement.

Sara Fattori's extensive experience in the interior design industry, coupled with her dedication to creating exceptional spaces, has solidified her reputation as a true industry expert. Her journey from yacht builds to hotels, healthcare, corporate, and residential design showcases her versatility and unwavering commitment to excellence. Below is a Slide Share from 2010.