5 Daybeds for a Power Nap

5 Daybeds for a Power Nap - Dixie & Grace

An afternoon nap is a wonderful thing! A nap between 1 pm and 3 pm can help with your creativity, boost your energy, release your stress, and lift your spirits. Below is a checklist of a few things to consider before your nap and we have featured beautiful daybeds perfect for your power nap.

  • 30 minutes or less to prevent waking up groggy
  • Schedule the same time every day 
  • Try to rest in a darkened room
  • Play relaxing music 
  • Cover yourself with a light blanket
1: An Asian style daybed  Red Egg
red egg asian style daybed
2: Cane Chaise Red Egg
cane style canvas daybed
3: George Nelson by Herman Miller
george nelson herman miller daybed
4: Iron Daybed by Jerry Pair
jerry pair daybed
5: Moderne Maru Daybed by Red Egg Furniture and available on Dixie & Grace
red egg daybed by dixie & grace
Contact us for a quote if you are interested in any of these relaxing daybeds with a custom fabric.