From Kitsch to Classic: How to Achieve a Classic Look for Your Admirals Cove Home

From Kitsch to Classic: How to Achieve a Classic Look for Your Admirals Cove Home

Have you ever come across an object or building that seemed out of place, lacking style and harmony? Architects and interior designers often use the term "kitsch" to describe such creations. Borrowed from Germany, kitsch refers to objects and designs that appeal to popular or lowbrow taste but are often of poor quality. Even colors, randomly selected by the untrained eye, can be considered "kitschy." In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of kitsch and explore why great design is an investment that stands the test of time.

What is Kitsch?

Kitsch is a term used to describe objects, designs, or artworks that prioritize mass appeal over artistic merit. It often involves the excessive use of sentimental or clichéd elements, lacking originality and depth. Kitsch can be found in various forms, including home decor, fashion, and even architecture.

Why Does Kitsch Exist?

Kitsch appeals to popular taste because it offers familiarity and comfort. It often evokes nostalgia or sentimental feelings, providing a sense of belonging and reassurance. Additionally, kitsch is easily accessible and affordable, making it attractive to a wide audience.

The Downside of Kitsch

While kitsch may have its appeal, it is important to recognize its drawbacks. Kitschy designs often lack thoughtfulness and attention to detail, resulting in poor quality and short-lived satisfaction. They can quickly become outdated and lose their charm, leaving the owner longing for something more enduring. [Below is an Admirals Cove Home in Jupiter FL that we transformed.]

The Value of Great Design

Unlike kitsch, great design is an investment that stands the test of time. It goes beyond mere aesthetics and considers elements such as color, space, rhythm, and proportions. Thoughtfully blended in harmony, these elements create enduring beauty that transcends trends and fads.

Why Choose Great Design?

Investing in great design brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it enhances the functionality and usability of a space or object. Whether it's a well-designed chair that provides comfort or a thoughtfully laid out room that promotes productivity, great design improves our daily lives.

Secondly, great design adds value. Just like an artist's work, a well-designed object or space can appreciate in value over time. It becomes a timeless piece that stands out and attracts attention, whether in a home, office, or public setting.

Lastly, great design fosters a sense of pride and satisfaction. Surrounding ourselves with well-designed objects and spaces elevates our mood and creates a positive environment. It reflects our personal taste and attention to detail, making a statement about who we are.


I studied color theory from Faber Birren.  Randomly selected color by the untrained eye, can be "kitschy." 

Great design is an investment for the same reason an artist's work increases in value. Color, space, rhythm, and proportions are thoughtfully blended in harmony, creating an enduring beauty.


While kitsch may have its place in popular taste, it is important to recognize the value of great design. Kitschy objects and designs may provide temporary satisfaction, but they lack the enduring beauty and quality that great design offers. By investing in well-thought-out and harmonious designs, we can create spaces and objects that stand the test of time and bring us joy for years to come.