A Classic Journey In Design: Part 2B - "Influences & Experiences" (Continued)

A Classic Journey In Design: Part 2B -

Architects and Yacht Builders Influence Classical Design Principals 

Gertrude Denison, a prominent figure in boat building, played a significant role in shaping the interiors of new yachts built by Broward Marine. My apprenticeship under Mrs Denison during the 70s & 80s honed my skills in the industry through the experience of working with artisans in all areas of a boat's customization. Mrs Denison became known in the yachting world for her expertise in yacht interiors.

Another notable figure, Louis Nix, of Nix Mann Architecture in Atlanta, mentored and inspired me in the professional field of interior design. Nix's annual trips to Paris brought back architectural inspiration and fine art influences that he shared with the firm.

Nix Mann Architects Atlanta Georgia

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