Authentically French

Authentically French - Dixie & Grace
The retail market of mass-produced bistro chairs is unsustainable. The addiction to extremely cheap furniture has caused many high-quality manufacturers to close their doors. Meanwhile, poor quality furniture ends up in our landfills.
Fortunately, there is still a French manufacturer that continues to make authentic high-quality bistro furniture. Maison Gatti was established in the 1920s and remains the best choice for interior designers. Artisans in France handcraft each piece and Maison Gatti bistro furniture continues to be the hallmark of the Parisian café life. Intellectuals and artists such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Sartre, and Picasso sat in these same styled chairs over a century ago. 
Parisian Cafes Hemingway's Generation

I discovered Lillet on ice with an orange slice along with the beauty of these bistro chairs.

Original French woven chairs lasted for decades because they were constructed of natural rattan and woven with a natural material called Rilsan, which is a derivative of the castor oil plant. The hues are injected directly into the Rilsan while still in its liquid state, guaranteeing that the colors will last a lifetime.
Most professionally licensed designers will specify furnishings that stand up to the harsh treatment received in hotels, restaurants, and the outdoors, as well as, meet health and safety requirements.