Clients will, on occasion, begin searching for items on their own while I, the interior designer, will be developing overall concepts for the project. A recent client discovered a floor lamp that she loved in a small boutique. The lamp was an inferior reproduction of the original.  

The original lamp is beautifully engineered and goes by the name "Twiggy".

BELOW: Twiggy during the day in our client's new home.







Like many of us born in the late 1950's and early 60's, I remember the model named "Twiggy" and thought it was a clever name for a lamp.  The authentic Twiggy lamp, designed by an Italian, was inspired by the flexibility of a "twig" fishing pole. The quality and unique design of these lamps are modern classics.







Twiggy above is courtesy of Vogue Magazine and Twiggy below is courtesy of Foscarini.  Check out their website and video below! It is really cool!

The designer, Marc Sadler, worked in the sports sector and experimented with different materials...including the fishing pole that inspired "Twiggy". The lamp was only available in primary colors for many years until the recent introduction of pastel colors. Marc is preparing for Vogue's fashion night out with the rainbow colors.


Twiggy in the evening at recent SFID project located at the Loggerhead Marina.