Your Frame Your Masterpiece

Your Frame Your Masterpiece - Dixie & Grace

Museums traditionally use handcrafted frames to enhance the art on their walls. Dixie and Grace offers you the opportunity to have a custom frame, created to enrich the spirit, for your work of art or the paintings and prints in your collection. We collaborate with Marcelo for investment quality pieces. Marcelo's clients include; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Moma, Sotheby's and Christies.

A true master framer understands the art and the decorative history and then proceeds to create the best possible presentation through this craft. There are very few individuals that are masters in the ancient craft of hand-carved and gilded frames.  We are very fortunate to collaborate with Marcelo Bavaro of Quebracho, Inc. on the Declaration of Independence, as well as, many other projects.

This short video, featured in the New Yorker Magazine, tells the story of a Frame Maker and why the frame, along with the art, will increase in value.