The New Meaning of Condominium

The New Meaning of Condominium - Dixie & Grace

Growing up in South Florida, the word “condominium,” for me, always carried a negative connotation.  

Condos built there in the ‘60s and ‘70s were ecologically short-sighted, with little thought put into building to withstand the elements, and “energy-efficiency” wouldn’t be in many builders’ vocabularies for another couple of decades.

Palm Beach Daily News High Rise in Palm Beach


When it came to design, these simplistic apartments were lacking innovation purely because there wasn’t demand for it.  Retirees were happy purchasing a small, cookie-cutter space because it was “good value.”

Fast-forward to the recent southern migration of retiring baby-boomers.

Azure Condominium Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Builders are rethinking their approach to design, working with architectural teams  to create state-of-the-art residences that meet the changing tastes of this generation, who don’t want to forfeit their luxury lifestyle for a lower cost of living and warmer temps.

Taking cues from architects like Lee Mindel, the new-era South Florida condos are modern, grand, and brimming with highly finished materials.

Water Club Living North Palm Beach Florida

Palm Beach developments, like VistaBlue Singer Island and Water Club, offer luxury residences with 12’ ceilings, marble surfaces, and imported fixtures.  Nearly all of the new buildings offer a range of social and community activities so vast, residents hardly need to leave.

The Bristol West Palm Beach Florida

There are some new constructions in the area so extravagant, residents might be forgiven for thinking they’ve purchased a Midtown Manhattan high-rise.  

The Bristol, a 25-story waterfront condominium, has floor-to-ceiling windows as standard, up to 14,000 sq ft homes, and celebrated New York interior designer Amir Khamneipur was brought in to complete the lobby.

But with New York styling comes New York prices.  At the start of 2016, the median price of an apartment in Manhattan rang up at more than $1.98 million.  The Bristol homes are selling, on average, around $10 million, which would make any seasoned New Yorker feel right at home (minus the snow!).

Azure Water Front Condominium Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Buyers looking for a more simplistic and demure design can’t look past the understated beauty of the Azure in Palm Beach Gardens.  With homes selling between $900,000 and $2.8 million, luxury living is a little more affordable, without having to skimp on quality.

The best part is that new developments like these feature the latest in energy-saving technology and building materials, while still offering living spaces that are open, airy, and sun-drenched.

Even though most of these new, modern condominiums are still being constructed, you’ll want to act fast if you want to secure one.  With builders swapping your parents’ wicker furniture and faded pastels for personal wine cellars and private residence elevators, they are selling out quickly.

We will be sharing images from our design process on current condo projects...stay tuned.

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