Declaration of Independence

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A hand engraved facsimile of 'The Unanimous Declaration of Independence', embossed by the Millenia, numbered and documented limited edition of 537 available of original 1,200 engravings. Printed in the early 1990's.  Artist José-María Cundín born in 1938.

Engraving Size: 31" W x 35" H


Conservation matting and technique with museum quality UV protection plexiglass. Available in four frame styles.

1: FEDERAL STYLE - Hand Crafted Frame, 23KT gold leaf over blue clay, bronze wash, light rub, medium antique and light distress. Approximate framed size: 46" W x 50"H with a 3.50" cove profile.

2: ITALIAN STYLE - Hand Crafted Frame, 12KT white gold leaf over red clay with a dragons blood shellac wash, navy blue panel. Approximate framed size: 46" W x 50" H.

3: ARTS & CRAFTS STYLE - Hand Crafted Frame, solid walnut.  Approximate framed size: 46" W x 50" H.

4: CONTEMPORARY STYLE - Hand Crafted Frame, groove profile, white gold leaf over black clay, heavy rub with light antique.  Approximate framed size: 46" W x 50" H.

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